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November 2018

Hello MEGA Mentors and Supporters!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are in good health and spirits. Here's what's been happening with MEGA since the August 2018 newsletter.


MEGA Celebrates 10 Years of Service and Excellence

MEGA is proud to celebrate 10 years of service and dedication to underrepresented Chesterfield County Public School students. To commemorate this achievement, MEGA will showcase a video at the 8th Annual Fine Art Benefit and Sale (FABS) and make a special announcement. Come celebrate with MEGA on January 18!

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FABS 2019 Planning in Full Swing

The 8th Annual Fine Art Benefit and Sale (FABS) is just around the corner! MEGA's capstone fundraiser will be held Friday, January 18, 2019, at the Hippodrome in Richmond. Our featured artist this year is Heather Moss. The majority of her work is created using pallette knives. The different shapes and sizes of the knives allow her to build up the paint, which creates the 3D effect.

We need your help in acquiring items for the very popular Silent Auction and raising funds for our current and future programs. Download the forms here: FABS 2019 Solicitation Packet/Forms.

You can register for FABS as well as fill out the Silent Auction solicitation packet forms online on the FABS page on MEGA's website. Attendance for mentors is free!


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Annual Membership Meeting Round-up

This year's annual membership meeting was held September 19 where veteran and new MEGA Mentors discussed the 2017-2018 school year accomplishments, best practices and the path ahead. Over 100 members attended, making this MEGA's largest recruiting class it our history. The meeting was held at John Tyler's Midlothian campus and featured guest speaker Dr. Connie Honsinger, who trained the group on Trauma Informed Care.

"I was very excited to attend my first membership meeting, and I immediately felt welcomed and a part of the family," said Cymele Saunders, who joined several MEGA committees in February. "I met a lot of new people, and the small group discussions helped me understand the scenarios our mentors face in the classroom."

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MEGA middle school students prepare to bowl at Uptown Alley on October 27. Photo by Deon Tillman.

Students bowl and bond at Uptown Alley

MEGA middle and high school students kicked off the school year with a fun-filled day at Uptown Alley in Midlothian October 27. The team building event allowed the students, mentors and Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) staff to bond and set a positive tone for the school year.

"MEGA's partnership with CCPS is essential for mentors in helping our students achieve their scholastic and personal goals," said Mack Moore, MEGA's treasurer and lead mentor at Providence Middle School. "These team building activities help MEGA and CCPS align their missions and show the students they have a strong support system."

IMG 7412

MEGA high school students pose during their trip to Uptown Alley on October 27. Photo by Deon Tillman.

IMG 7102

MEGA middle school students enjoy a day at Uptown Alley on October 27. Photo by Deon Tillman.

IMG 7367

MEGA high school students play a round of air hockey at Uptown Alley on October 27. Photo by Deon Tillman.


MEGA Needs Committee Members!

MEGA is also actively seeking volunteers for its committees:

1. Communication & Technology (website, social media, internal and external communication, FABS tech support)
2. Events (FABS, field trips, recognition event, etc.)
3. Finance
4. Fundraising & Development
5. Membership & Training
6. Programs & Curriculum
7. Recruiting
1. Communication & Technology (website, social media, internal and external communication, FABS tech support)
2. Events (FABS, field trips, recognition event, etc.)
3. Finance
4. Fundraising & Development
5. Membership & Training
6. Programs & Curriculum
7. Recruiting

If you're interested in joining and aren't already a member, please fill out a membership application online at If you're already a member, please contact us at


MEGA Recruiting in Full Swing

MEGA Mentors has recently formed a Recruiting Committee dedicated to providing classroom mentors at the eight schools it services. MEGA is extremely grateful to our local churches and other organizations for their support toward this effort.

If you are aware of any local organizations, such as businesses or churches, who are willing to help mentor Chesterfield County students, please have them contact MEGA Mentors at:


Upcoming Orientation and Training

The next New Mentor Orientation and Training is Thursday, January 31, 2019, from 6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. at CTC Hull. Please join us if you're new to MEGA or would like a refresher! Click on the RSVP button below to register and get additional information.

Please RSVP by January 28, 2019.


Links to Learning

The Virginia Mentoring Partnership is a Friend of MEGA and provides a wealth of information to help our mentors sharpen their skills. Below are links to helpful videos and podcasts.

Recorded Webinars:
Mentoring Youth in Foster Care: Considerations and Strategies

Mentoring Immigrant Youth: Supportive Relationships for Newcomer Youth

Learning from Successful Efforts to Integrate Social & Emotional Learning in Afterschool

Recorded Podcasts and Lectures:
Reflections On Research Series: Episode 2
Listen as Dr. Edward Latessa discusses key findings from his team’s study of mentoring services for youth on parole and probation in Ohio and learn about how the youth mentoring field aligns, and sometimes doesn’t, with the broader research on what prevents criminality and recidivism.

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime
Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated stress of abuse, neglect and parents struggling with mental health or substance abuse issues has real, tangible effects on the development of the brain.


Upcoming Events 2018-2019

▪ January 18: 8th Fine Art Benefit & Sale (FABS)
▪ January 20: Freedom Classic
▪ January 31: New Mentor Training & Orientation
▪ March: Richmond Forum
▪ April 10: Annual Field Trip for High School Students
▪ April 15: Annual Field Trip for Middle School Students
▪ May 30: 9th Annual Excellence Awards and Recognition Celebration
January 18: 8th Fine Art Benefit & Sale (FABS)
January 20: Freedom Classic
January 31: New Mentor Training & Orientation
March: Richmond Forum
April 10: Annual Field Trip for High School Students
April 15: Annual Field Trip for Middle School Students
May 30: 9th Annual Excellence Awards and Recognition Celebration

Visit MEGA Mentors' website event calendar for more events and updates.

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