Board of directors update graphic
MEGA leadership held its annual board meeting Aug. 26, 2021, which included voting in new officers and board members.

The following changes are in effect for MEGA leadership as of the annual meeting date:

Incoming: Ed Baine
Outgoing: Howard Corey

Vice President of Administration
Incoming: Verna Bradby
Outgoing: Ed Baine

Incoming: Misha King
Outgoing: Verna Bradby

Legal Advisor
Incoming: Vacant
Outgoing: Derrick Thomas

New Board Members
Deborah Hillman
Tanya Ross
Tabitha Spurlock, Ph.D.
Laura Taylor, Ed.D.
Amanda Voelker, Ed.D.

Outgoing Board Members
Eddie Camp
Gwen Epps
Chuck Fontenot

Welcome to all new members, and a deep, heart-felt thank you to exiting members for their years of hard work and dedication.