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Hello MEGA Mentors and Supporters!

We hope you're well and in good spirits. Here's what's been happening with MEGA since the October 2017 newsletter.


MEGA Leadership Changes and Additions

The following changes are in effect for MEGA leadership as of February 6:

Incoming: Greg Cummings
Outgoing: Howard Corey

Vice President for Programming
Incoming: Howard Corey
Outgoing: Greg Cummings

Incoming: Beth Teigen
Outgoing: Darlene Kiah

New Board Members
Cortez Dial
Gwen Epps
Rueben Turner


Upcoming Orientation and Training

The next New Mentor Orientation and Training is Thursday, April 5 from 6-7:30 p.m. at John Tyler Community College Chester Campus. Please join us if you're new to MEGA or would like a refresher! Click on the RSVP button below to register.

Please RSVP by April 2.


A group MEGA students from Providence learn how to tee off during a Young Men on a Mission golf clinic October 12, 2017.

Young Men on a Mission Go a Perfect Round at Golf Clinic

The First Tee Chesterfield welcomed Providence Middle School's Young Men on a Mission October 12 for a day of golf, fun and learning.

The activities included a meet-and-greet session with MEGA Mentors and the First Tee staff, a goal-setting presentation by MEGA and golf lessons by First Tee staff.

"Based on their enthusiastic responses, the students had a great time," said McKinley Moore, MEGA's treasurer and one of the lead Mentors at Providence Middle School. "We all had a great time."

Moore said the group had the pleasure of working with Ed Gill, who is a PGA apprentice and First Tee's Director of Instruction. Gill said this event was the best since he joined First Tee in 2014.

"We hope this event will leave aspirations of leadership and desire to pursue the business sport of golf," said Greg Cummings, MEGA's president.


Young Men on a Mission students from Providence listen to instructions from a First Tee instructor October 12, 2017.


Providence Middle School students and volunteers pose during their golf clinic at First Tee October 12, 2017.


Former President Barack Obama speaks at the Richmond Forum November 18, 2017.

Students Attend Richmond Summit

The Richmond Forum hosted 12 MEGA Mentors high school students November 18 to see President Barrack Obama speak.

"It was an eventful and learning charged evening," said Greg Cummings, President of MEGA Mentors. "The students heard the president speak as very few people could."

The event was not televised, videotaped or recorded.

20171208 095101

Carver Academy students learn about JTCC programs in high-demand skill fields in December 2017.

Carver Academy Students Explore Technical Skills

MEGA Mentor students from Carver Academy saw first-hand the importance of technical skills during their visit to John Tyler Community College in December. The coordinated effort between Carver faculty, MEGA classroom mentors and JTCC staff allowed Carver juniors and seniors to tour JTCC's Godwin Hall where the college's technical programs are held.

The students learned about a variety of programs offered through JTCC that train students in high-demand skill fields. Most of these skills can be learned in two years or less and prepare students for immediate entry into the workforce with great employment growth opportunities. Some of the areas explored during the tour were welding, HVAC, electrical, mechanical engineering technology and mechanical maintenance.

Dr. Ann Sorensen, JTCC's Interim Associate Dean of Mathematics, Natural and Health Sciences, was part of the staff who helped coordinate the tour. She said employers are constantly looking for workers in the fields explored during the visit.

"The tour provided a great opportunity for Carver students to see if any of these fields interested them and what it will take for them to get started," said Sorensen. "We hope to have Carver students on our campus in the future!"

20180111 191304

Renowned artist Willie Earl Robinson speaks at a special MEGA Mentors Meet the Artist event January 11, 2018.

MEGA Hosts Meet the Artist Exclusive Event

MEGA hosted a special Meet the Artist event January 11 at the Black History Museum. The Fine Art Benefit & Sale (FABS) featured artist Willie Earl Robinson spoke with guests the night before FABS and displayed about 30 pieces of his art at the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia in Richmond.

Robinson discussed the inspiration for his art, how it was a God-given talent with little or no formal training, and how he hopes his art will help to preserve the history of African Americans in the Mississippi Delta as well as the whole state.

Robinson often makes his own frames from reclaimed wood to finish his pieces. The self-taught artist said he continues to explore themes of his environment.


"Storytime" oil on canvas portrait by Willie Earl Robinson


FABS supporters and patrons enjoy mingling and viewing artwork during the event January 12, 2018.

Community Shows Support for MEGA's Fine Art Benefit & Sale

MEGA hosted its 7th annual Fine Art Benefit & Sale (FABS) January 12. Over 300 people attended to support and help fund MEGA's 2018 programs and scholarships. This year's featured artist was Willie Earl Robinson, a self-taught artist from Mississippi whose paintings are stylized illustrations of southern culture. Attendees were treated to a gala night of music, social interaction, over 200 pieces of artwork and a silent auction featuring everything from spa packages to electronics.

Greg Cummings, MEGA's president, said the event was a success and the organization is on track to meet its budget goals for the year.

"I am extremely grateful to all our volunteers, donors and supporters who help make MEGA's mission possible," said Cummings. "We hope the word spreads about the importance of what we do and more people in the Richmond area will come out and support us next year."


FABS supporters enjoy artwork and camaraderie at the fundraiser January 12, 2018.


FABS guests listen as the host makes a special announcement during the event January 12, 2018.

DSC 0174

MEGA Mentors students pose with the Virginia State University mascot during the Freedom Classic Festival January 14, 2018.

MEGA Students Attend Freedom Classic Festival

More than 180 MEGA students and chaperones from Chesterfield County and over 130 Petersburg City Public School students attended the Freedom Classic Festival January 14.

Students and parents enjoyed the event-filled day of drum lines, gospel choirs and basketball. This event was made possible through the generous donations of businesses who purchased tickets for student use and donated them back to the Freedom Classic Festival to distribute. Students also had the opportunity to experience college activities in a social environment with their parents.

20180209 072732

Carver Academy students participate in an interactive budget planning class February 9, 2018.

Carver Academy Students Learn Budgeting Skills

Carver Academy students participated in an interactive budget planning class February 9.
Dian Ryan-Richards from the Richmond Federal Reserve taught the course with goals to:
1. Show the students the importance of budget planning,
2. Provide insight into living within your income, and
3. Provide insight into education, income management and living style.

Carver Academy and Meadowbrook groups also featured interactive guest speakers Cortez Dial who spoke on the global effect of education and the job market, and Michael Reynolds, who spoke on the job value of a technical education.

IMG 3589

Lavetta Goldsboro teaches Manchester MS girls etiquette lessons during a school visit February 15, 2018.

Manchester MS Girls Immerse in Etiquette

MEGA's Manchester Middle School girls participated in an etiquette workshop February 15 hosted by Lavetta Goldsboro, a volunteer with Spring Creek Baptist Church who specializes in image consulting. She shared tips and techniques on how to effectively navigate the dining experience with confidence.

"We are blessed to have professionals like Lavetta share their experiences, insights and expertise to better equip our students to excel in their future pursuits," said Yasheka Bentley, mentor and school lead at Manchester.

IMG 3568

Lavetta Goldsboro, a volunteer with Spring Creek Baptist Church, teaches Manchester MS girls etiquette lessons during a visit to the school February 15, 2018.


Carol Dalesa Mack-Grisby leads the March 7, 2018, training class.

Training Class Sets Record

The Recruiting Membership and Training Committee (RMT) hosted the largest training session in the organization's existence March 7. RMT co-chairs and trainers Carol Dalesa Mack-Grisby and Derrick Thomas led the class of 36 trainees, which included 15 from Dominion Energy and five from Altria.

MEGA’s Vice President of Administration Ed Baine, a senior vice president at Dominion Energy, spearheaded the recruitment effort at his organization and provided welcoming remarks at the training session. Howard Corey, MEGA’s Vice President of Programming, also attended and provided valuable insight to the attendees.

“This large number of attendees is a great indicator the MEGA brand is spreading and that people want to spread MEGA'S core values of: Respect, Responsibility, Effort and Achievement,” explained Thomas, who is also MEGA’s legal advisor.

Thomas encourages anyone who shares MEGA's core values to attend the next training session April 5 or any others in the near future.

image000000 1

The March 7, 2018, New Mentor Orientation and Refresher Training session was the biggest class to date with 36 trainees.


Upcoming Events

▪ April 5: New Mentor Orientation & Refresher Training
▪ May 31: MEGA Mentors 8th Annual Excellence Awards and Recognition Celebration
▪ April 13: Middle School Year-End Field Trip to Hampton University campus and Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, Va.
▪ April 20: High School Year-End Field Trip to UVA campus in Charlottesville, Va.
April 5: New Mentor Orientation & Refresher Training
May 31: MEGA Mentors 8th Annual Excellence Awards and Recognition Celebration
April 13: Middle School Year-End Field Trip to Hampton University campus and Virginia Air & Space Center in Hampton, Va.
April 20: High School Year-End Field Trip to UVA campus in Charlottesville, Va.

Visit MEGA Mentors' website event calendar for more events and updates.


MEGA Mentoring Schedule

Below is MEGA's mentoring schedule and points of contact for those who wish to mentor at one or more of the schools we service.

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