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MEGA's Spring Forum at Thomas Dale has been postponed. Please check back for more information.

Spring Forum April 10, 2014

We believe in equal education for all. We believe that all children deserve an equal opportunity to share in America's bounty through education and mentorship. We believe in working with public and private organizations to bring resources and attention to the needs of students to improve their success rate. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Because of these beliefs, we are committed to our mission of growing this movement and helping at risk students become more successful in Chesterfield County Public Schools.

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  • Chesterfield Public Education Foundation
  • Communities and Schools of Chesterfield County
  • Chesterfield County Public Schools
  • Virginia Mentoring Partnership
  • Virginia State University



quote I am extremely proud of the incredible success of Mega Mentors and the life changing results they are making with our students. In just a few short years Mega Mentors have become the premier mentoring program in Chesterfield County. These dedicated men and women are unsung heroes in our community who do not seek personal praise or recognition, but rather selfless satisfaction in knowing that they are positively changing lives for some of our most needy youth. God Bless You! endquote

Thank you,
Marcus J. Newsome, Ed.D. Superintendent
Chesterfield County Public Schools

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